Delivering cyber defence

At Integritum we provide cyber security, risk analysis and access management services to predict, prevent, detect and remediate IT security concerns in a growing threat landscape. The most secure solutions require the right people and we offer IT security consulting services drawing upon our vast experience, leading teams and delivering solutions which mitigate high profile threats.

  • Predict – Analysis of data, systems and operational processes to identify weaknesses and sources of risk. With high numbers of business systems, each with the capability to capture vast quantities of activity related data, sources of risk can be identified because ultimately it is the data that tells the story.
  • Prevent – Implementation of integrity methods to mitigate identified sources of risk. Appropriate proverbs include ‘Prevention is better than cure’, ‘A gram of prevention is worth a kilogram of cure’, or in this case, a variation of a popular expression – ‘It is better to close the stable door while the horse is still inside’.
  • Detect – Continuously monitor to identify malicious activity or unauthorised access. With a threat landscape changing by the minute, with the best will in the world not all risks will be predicted and prevented. The need to implement the capability to detect threats as they emerge or as soon as possible after they occur is of paramount importance.
  • Remediate – Implement corrective action and damage limitation. Identify how malicious activity or unauthorised access took place and deliver security improvements.

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