I came up with the name “Integritum” as a portmanteau of “Integrity” and “Continuum”, as the implementation of security measures needs to cover all aspects of systems and business surface areas. Integritum was a UK limited company delivering security services to local, national, and international clientele, but I chose to close down the company for personal reasons. Integritum is now a personal blog.

As technology continues to change and the complexity of systems grows, there is a need to stay abreast of the risks to individuals and organisations. 100% security and 100% safety will never exist. As authorities refine rules and regulations and security professionals implement improvements, new vulnerabilities and data-related crimes emerge, which requires continuous effort to mitigate a seemingly never-ending stream of new sources of risk.

People often read horror stories that could happen to them, with little or no information included to help them protect themselves and their businesses. Unfortunately, if people read the news and become fearful and powerless to defend themselves, they are likely to put their heads in the sand due to being overwhelmed, scared or threatened. When information is forthcoming, it is not often presented with the same emotional impact and doesn’t necessarily inspire people to take action or even finish reading. The reverse is also true, and fear stories can quickly lead to overkill in the delivery of mitigating countermeasures.