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Each time you visit this blog, general non-individual specific information about your visit is collected, retained, and aggregated. A breakdown of all non-personal information available about each visit is available on Wikipedia (HTTP Header Fields). Cookies are not required to gain meaningful insights. Integritum is a WordPress blog and uses standard out-of-the-box functionality.

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), IP Addresses are considered personal data as they are online identifiers. This site automatically obfuscates IP Addresses to something similar to “#hash#2bd8d3a47a204f2803ae44bc7d8ce8acc7e252a1c” which cannot be used to personally identify visitors.

We use the data to:

  • Monitor traffic to this blog for capacity management and efficiency purposes
  • Identify the most popular blogs to gauge interest and offer more relevant content
  • Determine specific countries interested in the content
  • Determine the most popular sources of traffic through to this blog

You can prevent the use of cookies by editing web browser privacy settings. Information about browser privacy settings is widely available online. Blocking all cookies will not prevent readers from accessing blogs on this site.

Email Subscriptions

This blog does NOT require any email registration to view content, and articles don’t sit behind a paywall. Neither this blog nor the authors need the personal details of readers, and details are never requested. However, authors can add links to social media, allowing their readers to contact them directly if they choose to do so.