Software Asset Management

Our Software Asset Management (SAM) support services help you:

  • Maintain an accurate inventory of authorised software. Knowing what is allowed makes it easier to identify and remove unauthorised software installations quickly.
  • Ensure that all your software is correctly licensed. Avoid unnecessary purchasing of software licences by limiting usage based on job roles. Reconcile software purchases with software usage.
  • Maintain control over who can install software packages. Avoid ad hoc software installations and proliferation within the business to reduce licence exposure and cyber threats.
  • Ensure that authorised software is up to date and supported by vendors. Reduce exploitable software vulnerabilities.
  • Segregate business-critical software from other lower priority systems. Avoid less important systems from impacting on the business.
  • Keep control of software support costs. Accurate information about software usage contributes to avoiding excessively priced support contracts.
  • Choose the right product to fit your business environment. Ensure the solution works with existing platforms and operating systems, and the software works out of the box, or with minimum configuration.

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Avoiding the need to spend money in the future isn’t always something to write home about. This software licence audit illustrates how we saved £250,000 in future expenditure, but resulted in an overall lack of enthusiasm.   A software package costs £200 per licence. An audit shows that there are...
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Inadequate Software Asset Management (SAM) during mergers and acquisitions

Buying a company or merging to create a new company, without understanding the current software licensing position, can become costly. Financial and legal due diligence is standard practice in mergers and acquisitions, but IT implications are seldom given the same required attention. Software Asset Management (SAM) is one example of...
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Stakeholder Engagement with SAM and HAM

One of the problems with data-driven solutions occurs when different groups of people have different sets of data, and all carry out their work duties on the assumption that the data they are using is complete, is a reliable and dependable version of the truth. Organisations often evolve into this...
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It is your SAM/HAM data

Regardless of which SAM or HAM solution you selected, it will need your data for the system to work. More than that, the data is the essential part, and it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on building or buying and delivering a system, without your data, it will...
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Driving forces behind HAM and SAM

Here are some of the reasons why the implementation of Hardware Asset Management (HAM) and Software Asset Management (SAM) are essential in organisations: Security improvement – consider patch management as one example. Having a detailed list of hardware and software is crucial if you want to be sure that all...
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HAM and SAM data integrity

My observation is that Hardware Asset Management (HAM) and Software Asset Management (SAM) data are seldom accurately maintained, and often there is no expectation of the information being close to accurate. Given that SAM and HAM are cost centres rather than profit centres, this is understandable. If you were issuing...
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Eliminating unnecessary software licensing costs

The discussion on software licences often centres around software usage without adequate licensing. Over licensed is seldom given the same emphasis, and organisations often find themselves: Buying new software licences while existing licences remain idle. Reallocate unused software licences and assess licence requirements before purchasing new licences. Examples include:staff members...
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Software Licensing: Chaos, Ignorance and Negligence

Discussions on software purchasing, licences and the need for Software Asset Management (SAM), usually begins from a position of chaos. With so many day-to-day activities and pressure to complete work, deadlines to meet and a whole ream of other reasons, the purchasing of software licences often finds its way to...
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Software licensing models

Managing software licences is not straightforward because of the many different ways in which vendors license software. Although there are many standard software licensing models, each software vendor has commercial freedom to choose their own. Here are some of the popular licensing models: Per-user - one licence required for each...
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Has software licensing become too complicated?

Following extensive discussions on the implementation of Software Asset Management (SAM), it is clear that there is still a gross misconception about software licensing in general. Licensing implications are seldom thought through when delivering change into organisations. The notion that software is licensed rather than bought is not yet fully...
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Things to consider with HAM and SAM

With so many different ready-made Software Asset Management (SAM) and Hardware Asset Management (HAM) solutions to choose from, the decision can be overwhelming and making the wrong choice can be costly. In some cases, implementing a vendor system can become so expensive that developing a bespoke system might have been faster,...
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