Hardware Asset Management

Essential Hardware Asset Management (HAM) points include:

  • Maintain an accurate inventory of hardware. Having a definitive list of hardware assets belonging to your business will allow you to identify rogue devices connected to the network quickly.
  • Identify new assets connected to the network. Capturing data about new assets helps maintain an accurate inventory and helps identify rogue devices.
  • Maintain ownership and responsibility records for portable hardware assets, including tablets, laptops and mobile telephones.
  • Choose the right hardware asset management product to fit your environment. Ensure that the solution works within your technology ecosystem rather than falling into the trap of purchasing and installing a new platform and technologies.
  • Maintain accurate asset valuations for account purposes. An up to date asset register with purchasing information will allow you to generate a current valuation reporting factoring in asset disposal and depreciation. Quickly identify candidates for any hardware refresh projects.
  • Maintain an active support database. Accurate information about each hardware asset, including software installations, will support any troubleshooting activities.