Professional Conduct & Ethics

We offer information security services and only accept projects which fall directly within our trade classification. We endeavour to provide clients with quality solutions which have a real and lasting benefit more significant than the cost of investment in our services.

We assume complete responsibility for our employees, subcontractors and representatives authorised to act on our behalf. We endeavour to assign work only to suitably qualified persons. Although we will delegate work, we will never delegate responsibility for work to a third party.

We refuse all projects where we identify a conflict of interest or which may serve to compromise our objectivity or professional independence. We only accept projects which are legal and are not detrimental to our industry.

We will promptly disclose any interest that may affect our clients, influence the judgement of individual persons working on client projects, or impair the quality of our services. We do not allow outside interests to affect the quality of our work negatively.

We hold the interests of our clients as our highest priority and discuss in sufficient detail each concern and endeavour to provide the quality of service necessary to meet our clients’ needs. Where appropriate, we give credit where credit is due.

We operate with equal opportunity principles and treat all persons with fairness regardless of age, race, disability, religion, gender, sexual orientation or nationality.

We respect the confidentiality required by our clients and will not disclose any company information without the approval of our clients and will not gain financially from the inappropriate use of such information.

We make sure that our advertising, project proposals, and other representations are honest, truthful, and easily understood. We estimate and charge reasonable and consistent fees for information security services. We always agree fixed prices in advance, or agree on the basis on which we calculate our fees.

In the unlikely event that our consultants or representatives cause problems, we undertake to rectify the problems without charging additional consultancy fees to our clients.